Oslo Metallvarefabrikk


OM (Pitcher) or Perletinn + OM or Riddertinn

Oslo Metallvarefabrikk 1936 - 1967

Oslo Metallvarefabrikk AS 1967 - 1990

Metava AS 1990 -

Oslo, Norway


Thorolf Asbjørn Mathisen

Ø Ruud


The Company started in 1936 and had it´s peak in the early 1970-ties. The production was moved from Oslo to Ål 1974. The Company Hallmark is a M over an O with addition of a handle and a foot. It is called ”Kannen” (The Pitcher) and is still the Logotype for the Company.

Perletinn is a patented pattern for Oslo Metallvarefabrikk.

Riddertinn has the same patented pattern as Perletinn. The objects are designed by Ø Ruud.